IT Support Services Overview

Bostech ICT Solutions LTD provides integrated IT solutions and services to organisations in Kenya and across the East Africa region. Bringing together the best technologies, skills and expertise, we help Clients to optimise efficiency and maximise returns on technology investment.
Our Commitment To Service

We deliver cost effective IT solutions to the Public Sector, Businesses as well as Non-profit Organizations in Kenya. We have the capacity to support organisations of varying sizes across the East Africa region.
There are many benefits to working with Bostech ICT Solutions LTD, these are just some of the key areas which set us apart from the competition:

   1. Commitment to understanding organisational, user and customer needs

   2. Ability to design robust solutions to protect investment

   3. Technical excellence and continuous personnel development

   4. Agility to provide flexible solutions and adaptable support services

   5. Financial strength to provide procurement assistance

   6. Excellent reputation and working relationship with strategic partners

Our Solutions Overview

We understand that every business is different with varying needs. From business organizations' with a limited number of IT requirements, to larger corporations operating multi-site Wide Area Network infrastructure requiring complex information security & advanced data management solutions. We can tailor our solutions to meet your exact needs and budget.
Our solution portfolio is extensive and comprises of proven technologies which can make a real, tangible difference to the people we work with.

Our main solution areas include:

   1. Computer Technology Infrastructure Supplies, Installation & Maintenance

   2. Website Design & Internet-based Applications Development

   3. Website Domain Registration & Website Hosting

   4. Computer Networking, IP Telephony, Video & assorted communications

   5. Information Communications & Computer Networks Security

   6. Corporate Data Management & support services

   7. Data Storage & Data visualization

   8. Mobile-based Computing

We Value You As Our Client

We owe much of our current & future success to our Clients - as listening to their needs, ideas, challenges, etc., help define the future and what is needed for their success. Clients guide our strategy and we stay ahead of market shifts so that we are ready to help our clients evolve, as their industry and needs evolve.
Partner Bostech ICT Solutions LTD Today

Team up with Bostech ICT Solutions LTD today, and get the most out of your IT Requirements. Introduce your organization to a higher level of IT connectivity by taking advantage of our ICT services in Kenya today.

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