ICT Security

ICT Security Systems
At Bostech ICT Solutions Limited, we offer different solutions for RFID proximity cards and biometric face and Fingerprint recognition systems to our clients. Biometric solutions are the most preferred security systems.
Burglary and Emergency Systems
Bostech ICT Solutions Limited offers a wide range of; burglary & emergency alarms, explosives/drugs detectors etc. depending on the various corporate and residential client needs.
We offer Digital Security Controls (DSC) alarm systems for burglary and emergency alarm systems connected to an array of panic buttons, motion sensors, vibration sensors, magnetic contacts among others. Solutions will be designed to cater for the individual client needs.
IP Surveillance Systems
We are a solution integrator for various leading brands of IP Surveillance cameras in Kenya across all provinces: Central, Eastern, Nairobi, North Eastern, Western and Coast.

1. Night vision capabilities

2. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras

3. Smart Network Video Recorders (NVR)

4. Motion detection

5. HD image quality

6. Power over Ethernet (PoE) to ensure proper power utilization

Time Attendance Systems
We offer automatic systems for registering check in/out for different industries including hospitality, hospitals, and organizations among others for their staff management. These systems have been incorporated to human resource systems and accounting systems basically for appraisal and payroll processing systems.

1. Real-time Data analysis and reports

2. Centralized management

3. Easy integration with CCTV surveillance systems

4. User-friendly interface

5. Monitored and restricted entry to buildings

6. Visitor management & tracking

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